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A Testimonial for our Labour Support/Doula Training

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

“I recently completed the RMT as Labour Support Provider / Doula Workshop with Cindy McNeely, guests and participants through the Trimesters Massage Therapy Education program.

This workshop was a combination of emotionally invigorating, inspiring and educational. Including:

  1. A room full of curious and awe inspiring health care professionals to a kind philanthropic extraordinaire;

  2. A power of birth expert guest speaker to new parents with their 5 month old in attendance;

  3. A guest presenter in the health care field living the LSP / Doula life, to a beautiful 37 week mama to be;

  4. Clinical relevance and the science of labour and delivery pain, to interventions, physiological processes and indicators for the birthing person.


Cindy McNeely is truly a master of of her craft. She has dedicated her working life as an RMT / LSP to making a palpable and positive difference in the perinatal world. Not only that, she has helped pave the way for RMTs in Canada to be recognized as an integral allied health care provider in the labour and delivery world.

The knowledge and experience Cindy brings to the table is informative, interesting and relevant…one cannot help but to be moved and inspired. I left this workshop with the strong desire, confidence and determination to work with the birthing person, their birthing partners and the new life(ves) they bring to this world through advocacy, education, support and expert physical and emotional comfort.

What an exciting opportunity to be part of one of life’s greatest phenomenas: the human birth experience.

– Whitney Black, RMT, LSP, entrepreneur, life long learner”


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