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Welcome to Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education. We offer the most comprehensive perinatal M.T. education in Canada. Enter this site to explore our extraordinary massage therapy trainings which include courses related to Pregnancy, Labour Support/Doula work, and M.T. trainings to work with Infant & Children. If you wish to have excellent perinatal massage therapy skills, we will help you achieve your goals!


This training goes beyond the content taught in M.T. schools to provide a solid theoretical and hands-on practice in Pregnancy Massage. The participant will be successful in creating effective goals and treatments for their pregnant clients relative to their stage of pregnancy and their state of well-being. Clear guidelines related to signs and symptoms, contraindications, and possible medical issues will also be addressed.

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This course teaches participants about the realities for parents and their infants after their birthing experience. The participant learns how massage can be taught to families to augment their parenting skills, and how M.T. can be utilized with babies & children, and families with medical/special needs. The focus is on the role that the Massage Therapist can play in educating families in the need for healthy and respectful touch with their children.

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This training enables R.M.T.’s to enter the birthing environment with comprehensive skills in both Labour Support/Doula work and Massage Therapy. The participant will clearly understand the anatomy and physiology of labour and how comfort measures and M.T. result in excellent care for the birthing family to help promote safe, healthy, and satisfying birth experiences.

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