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We are happy to come to your Community to provide our Trainings/Workshops!

You choose — Come to Us or We will Travel to YOU!




11 Downes Ave. Picton, ON K0K 2T0


Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education

Special Thanks

Wishing to send a special Thanks and Shout out to:



Winnie Richardson our Amazing Graphic and Web Designer


Sherrie Kuehlein our Brilliant Photographer of Babies and Brides


Our Exquisite Family Team of Ali, Margaret and Fabulous Lucy

Allison Hines Berman for her Creative & Forward Thinking Brain 

& for so many decades of friendship and collegial interactions


And lastly to all the Fantastic Students, R.M.T.’s & Birth related Colleagues

who have nurtured, shared, loved, and grown with us over the decades

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