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About Us

Forward Thinking

Innovators for decades… Along with our 3 Core Trainings, We are the creators of a Student-based Perinatal Massage Program in a Level III Hospital which has existed since 1995.


We Care

Course participants usually take two or more of our Trainings! They love our sessions & come back for more!   We are ecstatic when You share Your Success Stories with Us!



Instructors in the Massage Therapy and Birthing field for over 36 years! Along with speaking throughout Canada, we have written articles and appeared on Television and at Conferences.



We are proud and honoured to mentor our Course Participants. We provide a Facebook Support group for our participants and we continue to share the best in innovation, research, and current practice with You!

Some Info About Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education

  • We have worked within 6 Massage Therapy College settings throughout Canada teaching core courses, supervising clinics and community placement programs, as well as providing our post-graduate trainings for Massage Therapists in professional practice.

  • Our 3 primary trainings are geared to instructing R.M.T.’s in providing skilled Perinatal Massage Therapy care for their clients.

  • Along with R.M.T.’s we have provided trainings at M.T. Conferences & AGM’s, trained Perinatal Childbirth Educators, spoken at Complementary Care/Birthing Conferences, & trained Doula’s/Labour Support Providers.  

  • We work in multi-disciplinary settings and collaborate with a wide range of primary and complementary care practitioners including Midwives, Obstetricians, & Educators in the Birthing field.   We provide in-house trainings when requested.

  • We have created programs and supervised students in massage therapy within Level II & III hospital clinical Settings.

  • In addition to teaching, we actively provide Massage Therapy for clients in our clinical practices.

  • We have taught many hundreds of Childbearing Families about Massage Therapy – whether related to Pregnancy, Labour Support/Birth, Baby or Kid’s Massage.

  • We write articles for the profession and have contributed primary material for a Massage Therapy Perinatal text.

  • We appear in audio-visual segments related to Perinatal Massage Therapy.

  • We attend as many Trainings, Conferences & Workshops as we can because we Joyously love learning with and from others!

  • We strive to provide the best education possible for parents who are curious and committed to providing the most loving, nurturing care that is possible for their children.

  • We applaud all those who understand that touch is a crucial element in encouraging the love & growth of happy, children into amazing adults.


Cindy McNeely

Registered Massage Therapist (1985…)
Owner of Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education (1995)



Registered Midwife (2009 …. )
Registered Massage Therapist (1992- 2007)
3 amazing Kids/Burgeoning Adults

Trimesters:  Massage Therapy Education was formed in 1995 by Cindy McNeely, M.T. and Allison Hines, M.T. with a primary aim to increase the Perinatal knowledge of Massage Therapists throughout Canada.


Allison Hines completed her training at Ryerson University to become a Registered Midwife in Ontario. Since then she has provided Midwifery Care in Ontario & the Arctic. Allison Hines is also the Mother of 3 amazing Kids/Burgeoning Adults. Although Allison Hines only rarely shares her physical presence with Trimesters now, her grace & spirit are instrumental to the philosophical foundation of our work.


Currently guided by Cindy, Trimesters continues to grow & expand & includes a roster of skilled Educators who share their varied expertise during the Trimester trainings. We are committed to providing educational excellence!!!!

We love our work and feel honoured to have the gift of working in this amazing area!

During our many years of teaching, we have worked within 6 Massage Therapy College settings teaching core courses, supervising clinics and community outreach programs, as well as providing our post-graduate trainings for M.T.’s in professional practice.

We have pioneered Massage Therapy Programs and supervise massage therapy students within Level II and III hospital clinical Settings.

In addition to teaching, Cindy provides Massage Therapy for clients in her clinical practices.

Trimesters works in multi-disciplinary settings and collaborates with a wide range of primary and complementary care practitioners. We provide in-house training when requested. We write articles, appear in audio-visual material related to Perinatal Massage Therapy, and present at workshops and conferences.

Our reputations are solidly established within the birthing community and we are well known for our knowledge, integrity, good-humor, and professional expertise.

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