Welcome to Trimesters: Massage Therapy Education. We offer the most comprehensive perinatal M.T. education  in Canada. Enter this site to explore our extraordinary massage therapy trainings which include courses related to Pregnancy, Labour Support/Doula work, and M.T. trainings to work with Infant & Children. If you wish to have excellent perinatal massage therapy skills, we will help you achieve your goals!

About Us

Trimesters was conceived in 1995 from the vision of Cindy McNeely and Allison Hines, both trained as Registered Massage Therapists. Our trainings developed from our mutual passion of all things Perinatal. We have expanded to provide courses with teams of quintessential educators in the field. Each course is designed to meet the needs of the participants by providing ground breaking & innovative teaching. Each of our trainings is a Creative Endeavour – filled with knowledge, practical skills, joy, integrity, fun, and growth. Essentially We Love Teaching & Learning & Sharing with our amazing Course Participants. We Love our Courses & our Instructors and know YOU will too!

R.M.T. Working with Infants & Children

 The participant will learn how massage can be taught to families to augment their parenting skills and how Massage Therapy can be utilized with babies, children, and families with medical or special needs.

Massage Therapy for Pregnancy

We focus on meeting the therapeutic needs of the pregnant client as she goes through the physical and emotional changes related to the childbearing experience.

The R.M.T. as Labour Support Provider/Doula

This training enables R.M.T.’s to enter the birthing environment with comprehensive skills in both Labour Support/Doula work and Massage Therapy.

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